Steps Ahead – Steps Ahead

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Steps Ahead is the second album by the American jazz group Steps Ahead, released on Elektra/Musician in 1983.

Allmusic awarded the album with 4.5 stars and its review by Scott Yanow states: “The music is essentially high-quality funky fusion, with Brecker typically blowing up a storm, Mainieri often playing the synthivibe, and Elias showing some early individuality”.



Track listing:
“Pools” (Don Grolnick) – 11:16
“Islands” (Mike Mainieri) – 6:25
“Loxodrome” (Eddie Gómez) – 5:26
“Both Sides of the Coin” (Brecker, Mainieri) – 6:10
“Skyward Bound” (Mainieri) – 4:04
“Northern Cross” (Peter Erskine) – 5:49
“Trio (An Improvisation)” (Brecker, Gómez, Mainieri) – 7:32

Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone
Mike Mainieri – vibraphone, synthesizer vibes, marimba, synthesizer, percussion
Eliane Elias – piano
Eddie Gómez – bass
Peter Erskine – drums


Released: 1983
Length: 46:38
Label: Elektra/Musician
Producer: Don Grolnick