Steps Ahead – In Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Glyptotek (1983)

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01. Islands – Mike Mainieri.
02. Pools – Don Grolnick.
03. Skyward Bound – Mike Mainieri.
04. Northern Cross – Peter Erskine.
05. Loxodrome – Eddie Gomez.
06. Sarah’s Touch – Mike Mainieri.
07. Duo – Mike Mainieri.
08. Both Sides Of The Coin – Michael Brecker.


Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone
Mike Mainieri – vibraphone
Eliane Elias – piano
Eddie Gomez – bass
Peter Erskine – drums


Jim Bridges says:

Isn't this great. I really miss Michael Brecker. He has his own Sound! Without a doubt!

Lasse Damsgaard Andersen says:

Wauw Michael Brecker's solo in "Sarah's Touch"!!!!

Lorenz Müller says:

Eddie and Eliane are the only one's who kept their facial hair. lol

Lorenz Müller says:

The intro is so silly and classic. lol
Mike, we miss you!

Shenandoah Patriot says:

Every time I hear Michael Brecker, I'm awed! What a genius! It's hard to believe he is gone.

Jeff Anderson says:

Some rad shit right here.

Jazz Haze says:

I thought I'd listened to all the STEPS on youtube… BUT THIS IS IT!!!! SO REAL!!!!! Every player doing "steps ahead of the rest"….. Eddie Gomez sounds GOOD!!!!!!! Eliane's piano is GORGEOUS!!!!! It's dumb for me to go on… I'm just gonna listen!

claudio gonzalez oisel says:

lo mejor que he escuchado y sigo escuchando..

Vidal Sbrighi says:

01. Islands – 1:14
02. Pools – 7:12
03. Skyward Bound – 18:59
04. Northern Cross – 24:35
05. Loxodrome – 29:50
06. Sarah's Touch – 35:44
07. Duo –46:48
08. Both Sides Of The Coin – 48:30

Vidal Sbrighi says:

Eliane suingueira. que privilegio tocar com esse timaço.Bravo!


Poooooooooools !!!

Eric Fricke says:

vibe solos are so musical and singable

Michele Iaccarino says:

Una cosa mi ha sempre incuriosito di Eddie Gomez: ci sono momenti nei quali ci "balla" con il contrabbasso, fateci caso?!….

Don Multijoconde says:

Peter erskine on drums!

funklover24 says:

Unbelievable what these musicians are doing here. They just create magic music.


All greats. Steps ahead is fine art.

waygonf says:

So I saw this on SABC in the early 80's and immediately grabbed the nearest vhs tape and recorded the rest of the program. To this day I still love this show. It gave me hope for REAL musiuc on REAL instruments in the 80s when everything was synthesizers and drum boxes. Thankyou so much Herkenes, I have missed this massive like, and now – the whole show!

scottbos68 says:

Brecker was a motherf#%* ® monster !!!

Fsaxwas9 says:

check out Eddie Gomez walking away on the bass during Northern Cross. damn.

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