Michel Petrucciani – Live At The Village Vanguard (1985)

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“Live At The Village Vanguard” is a jazz album by Michel Petrucciani.

The album was recorded live at the Village Vanguard club in Greenwich Village, New York City using the Fedco Audio Labs remote truck. The engineers were Tom Arrison and Gabreal Franklin, editing and assembly by Phil Edwards, Gabreal Franklin and Michel Petrucciani. Digital remastering for the Blue Note CD reissue (catalogue number 7243 5 40382 2 8) was by Kurt Lundvall, with the reissue produced by Michael Cuscuna and Eli Wolf.

The original album was produced by Gabreal Franklin, as part of a project in conjunction with George Wein, of “Newport Jazz Festival” fame (Wikipedia).

Track listing:
“Nardis” (Miles Davis) – 11:12
“Oleo” (Sonny Rollins)– 6:44
“Le Bricoleur De Big Sur” (Michel Petrucciani) – 3:22
“To Erlinda” (Michel Petrucciani) – 11:25
“Say It Again And Again” (Michel Petrucciani) – 9:51
“Trouble” (O. Dalffon) – 9:31
“Three Forgotten Magic Words” (Michel Petrucciani) – 8:56
“‘Round Midnight” (Monk / Williams / Hanighen) – 8.48

Michel Petrucciani – piano
Palle Danielsson – bass
Eliot Zigmund – drums


Daniel Deniesse says:


Damien Chappuis says:

j'aime bien, mais si c'est joué trop rapidement, j'aime moins — I like it, but if it's played too fast, I like it less

Rui Vasconcelos says:

Are there words?

françoise Mendousse-Pineau says:

merci! génial!

Luis Lopez says:

es una pasada como tocaba

Bijan Alpha says:


Jérôme DOINEL says:

I saw him in concert at the top-end of the 80's… This guy was a genious of jazz ! RIP Michel.

Fernando Abdo says:

Fuiste y SERAS un grande x toda la eternidad, querido Michel… como todo buen artista, tu obra habla x ti, ahora q la biología te hace silente…

星鳥 says:


Stevie Stilte says:

this guy is so great because he is so playful. Enjoy which level you are ,than growth will happen automatically with practise,patience and all the time of the world. Art can only be be touching when its made out of love for the metier,enjoy the ride as much as possible

jeff afe says:

this man is retarded

Karel van Egmond says:

Awesome, great musicians, Michel is my favorite, but together they are a unity,
the way it should be. Jazz the way it should be. Thanks guys you're my favorites!

jazz4asahel says:

So that's Palle Danielsson on bass. To get to that level, do you try hard? Work hard? Work very hard? Extremely hard? Or just work your ass off? 27:35 and on until the end of Palle's intro, the skill is almost humorous. Beautiful But Why? really rolls.

TheMad Mexican says:

I'm a musician and I only come here to remind myself what a piece of shit I am ….and to keep fighting

변학수 says:


spacemanbose says:

the support of palle and eliot is amazing

spacemanbose says:

the first track is amazing. great trio. drummer eliot zigmund worked with bill evans also

Valter Bertho says:

Muito obrigado Michel por existir!!!!!

Nicola Allegretti says:

Ascoltare Michel è sempre un piacere. Il suo "100 hearts" è nella mia personale 'hall of fame' di musica,

francesco zuddas says:

un genio assoluto

Rintesh Roy says:

Great pianist!

Rintesh Roy says:

Great pianist!

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