Coleman Hawkins – Body And Soul (Full Album)

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Muсh оf thе mаtеrіаl оn thіѕ twо-LP ѕеt hаѕ bееn ѕіnсе reissued on CD, but, оnе wау or thе оthеr, thіѕ muѕіс (раrtісulаrlу thе fіrѕt 16 trасkѕ) bеlоngѕ іn еvеrу ѕеrіоuѕ jazz соllесtіоn. In 1939, Hawkins rеturnеd tо the U.S. аftеr fіvе уеаrѕ іn Eurоре, аnd іt tооk him vеrу lіttlе tіmе to rеаѕѕеrt his рrіоr dоmіnаnсе аѕ king оf the tenors. This set ѕtаrtѕ оff wіth thе session that rеѕultеd іn Hаwk’ѕ сlаѕѕіс version of “Bоdу аnd Soul,” tеаmѕ hіm with Bеnnу Cаrtеr (оn trumpet) fоr some hot swing (including a memorable rеndіtіоn of “Mу Bluе Hеаvеn”), and then fіndѕ Hawkins uѕіng уоungеr muѕісіаnѕ (іnсludіng trumреtеr Fаtѕ Nаvаrrо and trоmbоnіѕt J.J. Johnson) оn some advanced bop originals highlighted bу “Half Stер Down Plеаѕе.” Thе rеmаіndеr of this set is аlѕо gооd, but lеѕѕ hіѕtоrіс, with Hаwkіnѕ bеіng wеll-ѕhоwсаѕеd wіth thrее larger grоuрѕ іn 1956, сulmіnаtіng in a remake of “Bоdу and Soul.” (Scott Yanow,

Tracking list:

00:00 A1 Meet Doctor Foo
02:40 A2 Fine Dinner
05:18 A3 She’s Funny That Way
Vocals – Thelma Carpenter

08:38 A4 Body And Soul (Heyman, Eyton, Green, Sour)
11:44 A5 When Day Is Done (B.G. DeSylva, Robert Katscher)
15:05 A6 The Sheik Of Araby (Francis Wheeler,Harry B.Smith,Ted Snyder)
18:05 A7 My Blue Heaven (George Whiting, Walter Donaldson)
21:01 B1 Bouncing With Bean (Coleman Hawkins’ All Star Octet)
24:12 B2 Say It Isn’t So (Irving Berlin)
27:16 B3 Spotlite (Coleman Hawkins)
30:22 B4 April In Paris (E.Y. Harburg, Vernon Duke)
33:35 B5 How Strange (Earl Brent,Herbert Stothart, B. Prozorovsky)
36:44 B6 Half Step Down Please (Coleman Hawkins, Tad Dameron)
39:52 B7 Angel Face (Coleman Hawkins, Hank Jones)
43:09 C1 Jumping For Jane (Leonard Feather)
46:25 C2 I Love You (Harlan Thompson, Harry Archer)
49:22 C3 There Will Never Be Another You (Irving Berlin)
52:23 C4 Little Girl Blue (Rodgers & Hart)
55:33 C5 Dinner For One, Please James (Michael Carr)
58:49 C6 I Never Knew (Gus Kahn, Ted Fiorito)
1:01:55 C7 His Very Own Blues (Coleman Hawkins)
1:05:00 D1 39″-25″-39″ (Coleman Hawkins)
1:07:54 D2 The Bean Stalks Again (Coleman Hawkins)
1:11:23 D3 I’m Shooting High (Jimmy McHugh, Ted Koehler)
1:13:59 D4 Have You Met Miss Jones? (Rodgers & Hart)
1:17:10 D5 The Day You Came Along (Arthur Johnson, Sam Coslow)
1:20:50 D6 Body And Soul (Heyman, Eyton, Green, Sour)
1:25:46 D7 The Essence Of You (Coleman Hawkins)


Alto Saxophone – Budd Johnson (tracks: B4 to C2),
Eustis Moore (tracks: A1 to A4),
Jackie Fields (tracks: A1 to A4),
Pete Brown (tracks: B2, B3)
Baritone Saxophone – Marion DeVeta (tracks: B4 to C2)
Bass – Al McKibbon (tracks: B2, B3),
Jack Lesberg (tracks: B4 to C2, D4 to D7),
Johnny Williams (tracks: A5 to B1),
Milt Hinton (tracks: C3 to D3),
Oscar Smith (tracks: A1 to A4)
Bells – Phil Kraus (tracks: D4 to D7)
Cello – Alan Schulman (tracks: C3 to D3),
Bernie Greenhouse (tracks: D4 to D7),
Edgardo Sodero (tracks: D4 to D7),
George Ricci (tracks: D4 to D7)
Clarinet – Danny Polo (tracks: A5 to B1),
Sid Jekowsky (tracks: D4 to D7)
Drums – Art Herbert (tracks: A1 to A4),
Max Roach (tracks: B4 to C2),
Osie Johnson (tracks: C3 to D7),
Shelly Manne (tracks: B2, B3),
Walter Johnson (tracks: A5 to B1)
Flute – Julius Baker (tracks: C3 to C6, D4 to D7),
Sid Jekowsky (tracks: C3 to C6)
French Horn – Jimmy Buffington (tracks: D4 to D7)
Guitar – Barry Galbraith (tracks: C3 to D3),
Chuck Wayne (tracks: B4 to C2),
Lawrence Lucie (tracks: A5 to B1),
Mary Osborne (tracks: B2, B3)
Oboe – Phil Bodner (tracks: C3 to C6, D4 to D7)
Performer – Billy Byers And His Orchestra (tracks: C3 to D7),
Piano – Gene Rodgers (tracks: A1 to B1),
Hank Jones (tracks: B4 to D7),
Jimmy Jones (tracks: B2, B3)
Reeds – Al Cohn (tracks: C7 to D3),
Hal McKusick (tracks: C7 to D3),
Sam Marowitz (tracks: C7 to D3),
Sol Schlinger (tracks: C7 to D3),
Zoot Sims (tracks: C7 to D3)
Tenor Saxophone – Allen Eager (tracks: B2, B3),
Coleman Hawkins
Trombone – Chauncey Welsh (tracks: C7 to D3),
Earl Hardy (tracks: A1 to A4),
Fred Ohms (tracks: C3 to D3),
J.C. Higginbotham (tracks: A5 to B1),
J.J. Johnson (tracks: B4 to C2),
Jack Satterfield (tracks: C3 to D3),
Tom Mitchell (tracks: C3 to C6),
Urbie Green (tracks: C3 to D3)
Trumpet – Benny Carter (tracks: A5 to B1),
Bernie Glow (tracks: C7 to D3),
Charlie Shavers (tracks: B2, B3, C7 to D3),
Ernie Royal (tracks: C7 to D3),
Fats Navarro (tracks: B4 to C2),
Jimmy Nottingham (tracks: C3 to C6),
Joe Guy (tracks: A1 to A4),
Lou Oles (tracks: C7 to D3),
Nick Travis (tracks: C7 to D3),
Tommy Lindsay (tracks: A1 to A4)
Vibraphone – Marty Wilson (tracks: C3 to D7)
Viola – Bert Fisch (tracks: D4 to D7), Izzy Zir (tracks: C3 to D3)
Violin – Alvin Rudnitsky , Arnold Eidus, Dave Newman,Dave Sarser, Max Hollander,Max Cahn, Stan Kraft,Cy Miroff (tracks: D4 to D7),Gene Orloff, Paul Gershman,Tosha Samaroff (tracks: C3 to D7),
Harry Lookofsky , Leo Kruczek (tracks: C3 to D3),

A1 to A4 recorded Oct. 11, 1939.
A5 to B1 recorded Jan. 3, 1940.
B2, B3 recorded Feb. 27, 1946.
B4 to C2 recorded Dec. 11, 1947.
C3 to C6 recorded Jan. 17, 1956.
C7 to D3 recorded Jan. 18, 1956.
D4 to D7 recorded Jan. 20, 1956.
All titles recorded at RCA Studios, New York.


Released: April 10, 1988
Label: Bluebird NL85658
Vinyl, LP, Compilation,
Europe 1986