Larry Young – Larry Young’s Fuel (Full Album)

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Larry Young’s Fuel is  an album by organist and keyboardist Larry Young, released on the Arista Records label.

Track listing:
Fuel for the Fire” (Philips, Torano, Young) – 6:06
I Ching (Book of Changes)” (Young) – 6:25
Turn off the Lights” (Logan, Saunders, Young) – 7:05
Floating” (Torano) – 4:13
H + J = B (Hustle + Jam = Bread)” (Young) – 6:19
People Do Be Funny” (Philips, Young) – 3:43
New York Electric Street Music” (Saunders, Torano, Young) – 8:34

Larry Young – Synthesizer [Mini Moog Synthesizer, Cdx-0652 Portable Moog Organ, Frm-s810 Freeman String Symphonizer, Hammond Organ B-3], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Piano [Acoustic], vocals
Santiago Torano – guitar
Fernando Saunders – bass, backing vocals
Rob Gottfried – drums, percussion
Laura “Tequila” Logan – vocals


Released: 1975
Recorded: 1975
Length: 42:25
Label: Arista
Producer: Terry Philips and Larry Young