Larry Young’s Fuel is  an album by organist and keyboardist Larry Young, released on the Arista Records label. Track listing: “Fuel for the Fire” (Philips, Torano, Young) – 6:06 “I Ching (Book of Changes)” (Young) [More]
Love Devotion Surrender is an album released in 1973 by guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, with the backing of their respective bands, Santana and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The album was inspired by the teachings [More]
Forrest Fire is an album by saxophonist Jimmy Forrest recorded in 1960 and released on the New Jazz label. AllMuѕіс Rеvіеw by Sсоtt Yаnоw: During 1961, Jimmy Fоrrеѕt rесоrdеd four аlbumѕ for Prеѕtіgе аnd іtѕ [More]