Benny Goodman – Roll ‘Em

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“Roll ‘Em” (Mary Lou Williams).

Recorded 1937


Crispy says:


Jstarstudios says:

Golly gee, I love swing!

Disques 13 Swing says:

Think this is great???

Try the broadcast version found on the MGM 3 LP set called the Benny Goodman Treasure Chest. That was done at a much faster tempo with better solos! It takes asses and kicks names!!!

Jack Nason says:

No, this was NOT rock and roll!! These musicians could read music, play inprompto solos and on and on!

James Bull says:

I like how they keep the rhythm section quiet, unlike in high school jazz bands, the bass is overplaying the band, and you ALWAYS hear the drums.

Fred Gilt says:

The best music ever!

radicright says:

Sex played to music.

Arthur Frentzel says:

Aye me Poppy used to listen to this in his day.

Richard Bourton says:

Does this sound like the theme tune to the cartoon 'George Shrinks' to anyone else?

Scott Yi says:

Most comment instruments used in jazz: bass, trumpet, drums, saxophone, trombone, cello, violin, clarinet, piano and guitar right?

Jeff Taylor says:

Can someone post the live concerts of this band from 1937-38? Would love to hear Roll 'em Pete and St Louis Blues from the Hartford Armory and Pittsburg dance hall respectively.

Gordon Ackerman says:

Benny was an accomplished classical musician as well as  a popular musician. His recording of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is a landmark, as good as the best.

Srooz RLoos says:

That biting trumpet section of Harry James 21, Ziggy Elman 23 and Chris Griffen 22. Wow! Goodman and Krupa were
a couple of relative geezers at 26 Lol!. That youth and intensity really shows through.

Barry I. Grauman says:

Recorded on July 7, 1937.

Robert Grant Smith says:

Reminiscent of Albert Ammons' & Pete Johnson's "Roll 'Em, Pete." (See Joan Cartwright's post.)

Joan Cartwright says:

Composed by Marylou Williams 

david hulse says:

still my favorite all time song

Shotgun Mongol says:

I think Roll em has a bit of a different meaning now… 

pederman15 says:

not sure ,when this came out?. Had we already  killed patton for his wanting to join with Germany and attack the raping judeobolchevik Russians ?

jimmy page says:

Were they talking about rolling some joints?

jimmy page says:

i guess you could say this was rock and roll before Elvis!

Carol Johnson says:

Love how they make it jump and pop.
Keeping that tempo light and free and easy.

Thomas Webb says:

This and 'Peckin" are two of my favourite B.G. arrangements. Thanks for posting, as I hadn't heard either one in a while. Cheers! Tom

Ransom Sumpter says:

Benny Goodman was quite possibly one of the greatest artists of the era. A true masterpiece.

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