Will Downing & Gerald Albright – Newport Jazz Festival 1999 (Full Concert)

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Will Downing & Gerald Albright – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 8/15/1999 – Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

0:00:00 – Girl Blue
0:04:36 – Georgia On My Mind
0:16:09 – Island
0:22:16 – If She Knew
0:26:39 – Pleasures of the Night
0:29:34 – Wishing On A Star (Part 1)
0:32:32 – Wishing On A Star (Part 2)
0:37:29 – So Amazing
0:39:37 – Anniversary
0:45:50 – Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This
0:55:15 – Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)

Will Downing – vocals

Gerald Albright – alto saxophone


JSings11 says:

Great Music!!

Ginchu -t says:

Excellent !!!!

Garry123479 says:

I have to keep this. What a concert!

Starr M Mc says:

All good, but 45.53 Yes!

jo leone says:

love you will! bit repeating little girl over and over is creepy

Brenda Santos says:

Love it you go Yall first time hearing this I really Love
the combination

David Metcen says:

Wow..That's incredible.. I've never seen this before.. Thanks so much for posting.. Oh, That's me on Bass lol

J Win says:

I truly love this selection kudos for sharing.

Zzz says:

Hubert Eaves IV on drums?! =) Wow!

MegaBigDank says:

Albright's face on the high 43:40 hahahaha

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