Tommy Dorsey Swing Band 1943

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For Cats that aren’t HEP TO THE JIVE this is Big Band SWING at it’s FINEST in Technicolor from 1943, here is the Tommy Dorsey Swing Band in FULL SWING!!! Those were the days of the Big Bands when the Jitterbug Jive was the IN DANCE and RADIO was KING as was SWING.

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

Tommy Dorsey – trombone


Kevin R says:

TD and his band in the film “Dubarry Was A Lady”, still with most of the original soloists in it from the record that was recorded in 1942 – including Buddy Rich (Drums), Ziggy Elman (Trumpet), Heinie Beau (Clarinet), and Don Lodice (Tenor Sax). The other trumpet soloist is possibly Jimmy Zito or Al Porcino. (Porcino replaced Chuck Peterson, who had left the band before the movie was made; Pianists unidentified; one of them may be Clark Yokum.)

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