The Manhattan Transfer – The Chick Corea Songbook

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“The Chick Corea Songbook is a studio album released by The Manhattan Transfer on September 29, 2009. The album features The Manhattan Transfer’s interpretations of several Chick Corea compositions, including a song written by Corea for this album. The executive producer was Yusuf Gandhi. It was the final album with Tim Hauser, who died in between the release of this album and their subsequent album.” – Wikipedia.

Track listing:
1. “Free Samba” Corea 5:15
2. “Spain (I Can Recall) Prelude” Joaquín Rodrigo, Al Jarreau, Artie Maren, Corea 3:11
3. “Spain (I Can Recall)” Rodrigo, Jarreau, Maren, Corea 6:37
4. “One Step Closer (The One Step)” Van Dyke Parks, Corea, Tim Hauser 5:16
5. “Children’s Song #15” Corea 1:16
6. “500 Miles High” Corea, Neville Potter 6:52
7. “Another Roadside Attraction (Space Circus)” Parks, Corea, Hauser, Basie Hauser 4:21
8. “Time’s Lie” Corea, Potter 3:55
9. “La Chanson Du Bébé (Children’s Song #1)” Janis Siegel, Corea, Cheryl Bentyne 2:32
10. “Ragtime in Pixiland (Pixiland Rag)” Corea 1:46
11. “The Story of Anna & Armando (Armando’s Rhumba)” Siegel, Corea 6:15
12. “Free Samba (Extended Version)” Corea 8:16


The Manhattan Transfer

Chick Corea – keyboard, Yamaha Motif XS8
Robert Rodriguez – trumpet
Conrad Herwig – trombone
Lou Marini – flute, alto flute
Ronnie Cuber – baritone saxophone
Fred Hersch – piano
Christian McBride – double bass
John Benitez – bass guitar
Jimmy Earl – bass guitar
Billy Drummond – drums
Steve Hass – drums
Alex Acuña – percussion
Airto Moreira – percussion


Released: September 29, 2009
Label: Four Quarters Entertainment
Producer: Yusuf Gandhi