Return to Forever – Where Have I Known You Before

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Where Have I Known You Before is a studio album by Return to Forever, the first featuring guitarist Al Di Meola, and the second since leader Chick Corea switched to mostly electric instrumentation, playing music heavily influenced by progressive rock, funk and classical.



Track listing:
All tracks are written by Chick Corea except where noted

Side one
1. “Vulcan Worlds” Stanley Clarke 7:51
2. “Where Have I Loved You Before?” 1:02
3. “The Shadow of Lo” Lenny White 7:32
4. “Where Have I Danced with You Before?” 1:14
5. “Beyond the Seventh Galaxy” 3:13
Side two
6. “Earth Juice” Corea, Clarke, White, Al Di Meola 3:46
7. “Where Have I Known You Before?” 2:20
8. “Song to the Pharaoh Kings” 14:21
Total length: 41:27

Chick Corea – acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner clavinet, Yamaha electric organ, synthesizers (ARP Odyssey, Minimoog), percussion
Al Di Meola – electric guitar, acoustic twelve-string guitar
Stanley Clarke – electric bass guitar, Yamaha electric organ, bell tree, chimes
Lenny White – drums, congas, bongos, percussion


Released: September 1974
Recorded: July–August 1974
Studio: Record Plant Studios, New York City
Length: 41:27
Label: Polydor
Producer: Chick Corea