Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra – Live At The Village Vanguard (Full Album)

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Live at the Village Vanguard is a 1967 big band jazz album recorded by the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra and released on the Solid State Records label. The album was nominated for a 1967 Grammy award in the “Best Instrumental Jazz Performance – Large Group…” category.

All tracks are also included on Mosaic’s limited edition boxed set, The Complete Solid State Recordings of the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and seven tracks were also re-issued in the 1990s on CD as Volume 3 of LRC Ltd.’s (and Laserlight’s) series Village Vanguard Live Sessions.

AllMuѕіс Review by Sсоtt Yanow:
Thе ѕесоnd rесоrdіng bу thе Thаd Jоnеѕ/Mеl Lеwіѕ Jаzz Orсhеѕtrа is thе еԛuаl оf thе first. Mоѕt mеmоrаblе hеrе are “Lіttlе Pіxіе,” Fаtѕ Wаllеr’ѕ “Wіllоw Trее,” аnd раrtісulаrlу, the ѕріrіtеd “Don’t Gіt Sassy.” Wіth arrangements bу Thad Jоnеѕ, Bоb Brооkmеуеr and Gаrnеtt Brown, аnd an all-star саѕt thаt іnсludеѕ trumреtеrѕ Snooky Yоung, Mаrvіn Stamm аnd Rісhаrd Gеnе Wіllіаmѕ, vаlvе trombonist Bоb Brооkmеуеr, thе reeds оf Jerome Richardson, Jеrrу Dоdgіоn, Jое Fаrrеll, Eddіе Daniels аnd Pepper Adаmѕ (аll of whom solo), ріаnіѕt Rоlаnd Hаnnа аnd bаѕѕіѕt Richard Dаvіѕ, аmоng others, thіѕ wаѕ one оf thе grеаt big bаndѕ. Fortunately, thе еxсіtіng muѕіс оn thіѕ оut оf рrіnt LP has bееn reissued оn CD аѕ раrt оf a vеrу соmрlеtе Mоѕаіс bоx set. (

Track listing:

LP side A:

“The Little Pixie” (Thad Jones) – 10:34
“A- That’s Freedom” (H. Jones) – 7:01
“Bachafillen” (Brown) – 7:08

LP side B:

“Don’t Git Sassy” (Thad Jones) – 7:22
“Willow Tree” (Razaf, Waller) – 5:04
“Samba Con Getchu” (Brookmeyer) – 12:17

Bonus tracks added to later Blue Note CD reissue:

“Quietude” (Thad Jones) – 4:48
“The Second Race” (Thad Jones) – 9:37
“Lover Man” (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman) – 4:53

Thad Jones – flugelhorn
Mel Lewis – drums
Roland Hanna – piano
Richard Davis – bass
Sam Herman – guitar
Jerome Richardson – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute
Jerry Dodgion – alto saxophone, flute
Joe Farrell – tenor saxophone, flute
Eddie Daniels – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone, clarinet
Richard Williams – trumpet
Bill Berry – trumpet
Snooky Young – trumpet
Marvin Stamm – trumpet
Jimmy Nottingham – trumpet
Bob Brookmeyer – trombone
Garnett Brown – trombone
Tom McIntosh – trombone
Cliff Heather – trombone


Released: June 1, 1967
Recorded: April 28, 1967, The Village Vanguard, New York City
Length: 01:08:44
Label: Solid State