Ray Anthony – I remember Glenn Miller (Full LP)

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Raymond Antonini (born January 20, 1922), known as Ray Anthony, is an American bandleader, trumpeter, songwriter, and actor. He is the last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Track listing:

A1) Tuxedo Junction 0:00
A2) Chattanooga choo choo 3:13
A3) Serenade in blue 5:50
A4) Elmer’s tune 8:45
A5) Sunrise serenade 11:49
A6) Song of the Volga Boatman 14:42

B1) In the mood 17:35
B2) I know why 20:40
B3) Ida! Sweet as apple cider 23:40
B4) At last 26:16
B5) Little brown jug 29:14
B6) Moonlight serenade 31:49


Released in 1953 by Capitol Records.