Oscar Peterson Trio – Tonight

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Oscar Peterson with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen in Denmark 1964.

  • Oscar Peterson – piano
  • Ray Brown – bass
  • Ed Thigpen – drums


Mitchell says:

Good. Piano lesson.

Jim Stark says:

Two Peterson Trio Masterpiece LP's – "West Side Story" and "Canadiana Suite" When these pieces hit the street….all hell broke loose.

Vincent LaVorgna says:

Perfect genius!

Steven Alexander says:

@ 1:59 true musicianship, ladies and gentlemen. Look at how they acknowledge each other.

Beth Heinecamp says:

…taking a break from 'The Wild Horseman' (Schumann) and I must say, this is a helluva lot more interesting sounding!!!!!!!!!!!   Wow.  

weedyliver says:

Wonderful video. Oscar's playing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

TheChannel611 says:

Really ant 2 play like this! Im sure he had Lots of practice

Soulnik says:

Stellar clip. Thanks for uploading. 

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