Mike Stern and Trilok Gurtu with Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union (Full Concert)

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Full length concert of Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union featuring Mike Stern and Trilok Gurtu live in HD.

“I heard his music and thought it was beautiful. Knew we had to work together. Great band with good writing… nice tunes! He amazes me!Eastern European music is really amazing and hard to play at times but the sounds of some scales are really beautiful. It will be really fun for me to play with Csaba and his band.

They sound terrific and I love Trilok Gurtu! I have been a fan forever. I’m really looking forward to playing with those guys.” Mike Stern


  • Csaba Toth Bagi – guitar
  • Mike Stern – guitar
  • Trilok Gurtu – drums, percussion


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