Louis Armstrong – Jeepers Creepers , Mutiny in the Nursery (Going Places ,1938 Film)

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Going Places is a 1938 American musical comedy film directed by Ray Enright. Dick Powell plays a sporting goods salesman who is forced to pose as a famous horseman as part of his scheme to boost sales and gets entangled in his lies.

The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song “Jeepers Creepers”, premiered in this movie by Louis Armstrong, who sings it to a horse (Wikipedia).


mrswimmyboy says:

?Joe Bailey(g) unid.(d) ?Bill Perkins (tipple);
Actually its Austin Powell [guitar] Ernie Price [tiple] both members
of the Cats and the Fiddle

jazmaan says:

That was great! I remember "Jeepers Creepers", probably saw it on TV when I was a kid, but the "Mutiny in the Nursery" was wonderful.

LordBaryonic says:

A truly brilliant musical performance, in every way.

Unfortunately the casual racism and stereotypes present in (parts of) the clip make it somewhat uncomfortable to watch today…

Stuart Perry says:

Love Louis, Maxine Sullivan- and Dick Powell. If you look closely- you'll see a young Dorothy Dandridge and the Dandridge Sisters among the chorus.

splendidcurves says:

Love Pops…Love him by the hours.  Satch, the best.

jazzwatch64 says:

The ONLY movies in the 1930s in which he was featured throughout without dissapearing after ONE scene in his previous bing crosby/mae west movies……he CAN act, but those people want to lump him in ONE category…but whites then didn't want no ONE BLACK star other than a stereotype, ala Steppin Fetchit……

todd long says:

Satchmo =the best ,………

Jim Stark says:

Notice how they refer to Louis Armstrong, the single most significant musician/singer in the history of the USA,  as "Uncle Tom."    Totally unnecessary, but typical of the racist mentality of the times.   Hire the guy because his superstar talent will help your picture, but then insult him and his people with the dialogue.    The data never lies.  Don't ever forget  this is the default attitude. 

art of touch says:

believe it or not jeepers creepers is and was a true stroy. proff!!

Max Seligmann says:

estas eran peliculas!!!

Noel Peppin says:

i c what poppie n ma grew up on.

jazzwatch64 says:

Whoever done this did a GREAT job…Louis was THE MOVIE (I like Dick Powell, too…the REST is boring)……watched this a few years ago, and he was the most featured than his past movie roles, thak you.

stars2luv says:

This is beautiful!! Two of my new favourites, Maxine Sullivan and Louis Armstrong together! Thank you for posting this video. It was a real treat.

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