Louis Armstrong – Berlin 1965

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Louis Armstrong – Berlin 1965 (Live)


Louis Armstrong – trumpet, vocals
Eddie Shu – clarinet
Tyree Glenn – trombone
Billy Kyle – piano
Arvell Shaw – bass
Danny Barcelona – drums


ebillyboi webstar says:

in a world of bullshit now………….how wonderful louis armstrong still is….

Sam Willetts says:

When this show was played, WW2 was more recent than "Britpop" is now. Under the Nazis, it was forbidden to produce high notes from brass instruments, or to syncopate.

kim bhatia says:

This is truly amazing. The reason I picked up a trumpet

Charles L'Écuyer says:

Unbelievable performance. Satchmo, an emotion for me.

Patricia Rodriguez says:

so eine schöne stimme ,gibt es ganz selten durch die Jahren

Sérgio Conforti says:

Armstrong foi um dos mais importantes músicos de todos os tempos, um grande inovador e um grande artista.

Coy Hampton says:

Louis Armstrong changed music forever.

Urbino237 says:

Louis' break at 5:446:14 is just as thrilling, powerful, melodic and elegantly constructed as anything from his Hot Fives & Sevens 40 years earlier. Jazz critic Gunther Schuller claimed that "No composer, not even a Mozart or a Schubert, composed anything more natural and inspired." (Early Jazz, Oxford, pp 103-4)

Unbelievable at age 64 he still had this in him; it never wavered. He loved to sing for the crowds and that joy is evident, but when he put his horn to his lips he meant business. "Look out tiger, I'm comin', I'm comin'!"

How we need his huge, kind soul these days.

spine shavings says:

is that his real voice or just a gimmick ? I do a really good impression of wonderful world.

Josh Wood says:

I don't know that I've seen a bowed jazz bass solo before. Very cool. Also, that trombone player's tone is absolute butter

Jautaro El violín al anochecer says:

Louis Armstrong es un grande y los musicos que lo acompañan no se quedan atras, ese carisma y color de sus canciones son legendarias

Srđan Buzaljko says:

the greates man of the 20th century!!!

Bogumiła Janas says:

muzyka ponadczasowa wykonanie niepowtarzalne,jedyne

Jordan Shackelford says:


Ramone D. Cobain says:

i love me some pooie armstrong

jackie sauriol says:

Black and Blue was a bold statement in 1965…
but bolder now? we are sliding…

christian fourrier says:

un concert de avec Satchmo en grande forme – de grands moments

Jorge González says:

I am here because of Penny von Eschen's Satchmo Blows up the World. Not disappointed.

walato omar says:

Это что сверхъестественное и фантастическое. Любите джаз!

Nestor Galacho says:

Desconocía estas grabaciones. ¡Me encantaron! Armstrong es… Armstrong

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