Lalo Schifrin – The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past…

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The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past as Performed By the Inmates of Lalo Schifrin’s Demented Ensemble as a Tribute to the Memory of the Marquis De Sade is a 1966 studio album by Lalo Schifrin.

AllMusic Review by Richard S. Ginell:
Come again? This crackpot title — probably the longest ever concocted for a jazz album — actually is a front for a not-so-dangerous, hard-swinging album in which Schifrin invents or borrows 18th-century classical themes and sets them into big band or small-combo contexts. Such is Schifrin’s chameleonic mastery that his own inventions are a match for the themes of the period, and he is tasteful enough not to overload the window dressing and keep the rhythm section loosely swinging nearly all the time. Once, Lalo tries something wacky; on “Beneath a Weeping Window Shade,” he has singer Rose Marie Jun intoning a madrigal-like Francis Hopkinson song against some avant-garde multiphonic flute from Jerome Richardson, ministrations from a string quintet, and Schifrin’s own comments on harpsichord. There is also a stimulating pastiche “Aria” that sounds like Schifrin arguing with Heitor Villa-Lobos and Henry Purcell in 9/8 time. With the cream of New York’s jazz session men of the ’60s on board — including the inimitable Grady Tate on drums, Richardson on flute and tenor, Gene Bertoncini on guitar, and J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding on trombones — and Creed Taylor’s production dictating the distinctive timbres, jazz buffs will have a fine time with this collision of the centuries, which leans heavily to the jazz side. The album was reissued on CD as part of Verve’s limited Elite Editions series (

Track listing:
“Old Laces” – 4:23
“The Wig” – 2:44
“The Blues for Johann Sebastian” – 3:38
“Renaissance” – 3:29
“Beneath a Weeping Willow Shade” – 2:33
“Versailles Promenade” – 4:04
“Troubadour” – 3:07
“Marquis de Sade” – 2:50
“Aria” – 2:36
“Bossa Antique” – 3:29

Lalo Schifrin – arranger, conductor, harpsichord, piano
Jerome Richardson – alto flute, bass flute, tenor saxophone
Romeo Penque – alto flute, tenor saxophone
Jimmy Maxwell, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry, Snooky Young – trumpet
Ray Alonge, Richard Berg, James Buffington – French horn
Urbie Green, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding – trombone
Tommy Mitchell – bass trombone
Don Butterfield – tuba
Gene Bertoncini – classical guitar, electric guitar
Gloria Agostini – harp
Harry Lookofsky, Gene Orloff, Christopher Williams- violin
Alfred Brown – viola, violin
George Ricci – cello
Richard Davis – double bass
Grady Tate – drums
Rose Marie Jun – vocals


Released: 1 June 1966
Recorded: April 27 & 28, 1966
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Length: 32:31
Label: Verve
Producer: Creed Taylor