Keith Jarrett – Mysteries

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Mysteries is the fourth album on the Impulse! label by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. Originally released in 1976, it features performances by Jarrett’s ‘American Quartet’, which included Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian with Guilherme Franco added on percussion.

In October 2011, Shades was reissued with Mysteries in a single disc format titled Mysteries / Shades, as part of the Impulse! 2-on-1 series. Both albums were the product of the same recording sessions.

Track listing:
All compositions by Keith Jarrett.
“Rotation” – 11:03
“Everything That Lives Laments” – 10:04
“Flame” – 6:10
“Mysteries” – 15:22

Keith Jarrett – piano, flute, percussion
Dewey Redman – tenor saxophone, musette, percussion
Charlie Haden – double bass
Paul Motian – drums, percussion
Guilherme Franco – percussion


Released: 1976
Recorded: December 10, 1975
Studio: Generation Sound Studios,
New York City
Length: 42:39
Label: Impulse!
Producer: Esmond Edwards