Judy Garland & Martha Raye – Glenn Miller Medley

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The Judy Garland Show # 18.
I’ve Heard That Song Before (Judy & Martha)
Moonlight Cocktail (Judy & Martha)
Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Judy & Martha)
Elmer’s Tune (Judy & Martha)
At Last (Judy)
St. Louis Blues (Judy & Martha)


Netsu Khufu Aru Ameketi CENTILLION says:

Martha good Crazy

Netsu Khufu Aru Ameketi CENTILLION says:

Uall remember
0:370:38" Kiss Me"

like Mortal Kombat


HerxUtub says:

You are so right. Where is this kind of entertainment today? I want class back.

artbeau says:

Pure Entertainment

Saxon C says:

The studio system knew how to make stars! This is the reason Hollywood today has lackluster actors. They don't know how to truly entertain an audience. These two great women have true and raw talent! We'll never see the likes of them again.

richard charles says:

Martha Raye got an amazing voice , also really funny

iluvmusicals21 says:

One of my favorite youtube videos! Martha and Judy are fantastic!

Soren Aleksander says:

DAMN call me ignorant but I never knew Martha Raye had a voice like that…next thing I'll find out is Ruth Gordon was a prima ballerina…see, just when you think you know some things about Hollywood history, at 40yo you learn something else…now I have to watch Martha Raye singing in a few more videos!!!!

irish89055 says:

Thank your for your service Martha…. RIP

LoveFlatfootin1 says:

Wow, I didn't know Martha Raye was such a good singer. Looked up her bio and she was a big band singer at the beginning of her career. Great entertainers!

Robby24ish says:

Greatest Entertainers of all time. Love U Judy. Peace

Francis Mercado says:

loved Martha Raye…she played Mel's mother on Alice in the 70s and 80s

Johnnyc drums says:

I'm a newcomer to Martha Raye to a degree, Judy and Martha had chops, and the pit band, as usual is killin', wicked hard.

Robby24ish says:

Two GREATS!! !!!!!! Love U Judy. Peace

Flenif2247 says:

Martha Raye aka "The Big Mouth" was so good here! An under rated singer. and i note she has a mouth and teeth as big as Farrah Fawcett! lol

Crush on Channel says:

haha, awesome! ^^

Chris N says:

Is it sacrilegious to say that I never found Martha Raye funny? I did, however think she was a very fine, underrated singer.

Steve Dijkhof says:

so,we all have to guess when this was recorded???…..

Wayne Brasler says:

Real show business, real talent, real vocal musicians.

Budcat101 says:

Saw Martha live in Chicago tent theater YEARS ago…OMG was she as funny and gracious to the cast following
Alas never saw Judy!

YK ME says:

2:18 … Must be the biggest mouth I've ever seen, lol! What does she say at 5:36 ?

Louie TheGoalie says:

Unwatchable. Moving along…

Daily Disney says:


Stephen L says:

Just imagine these two wonderful performers doing a crazy, knock 'em out rendition of We'll Always Be Bosom Buddies from Mame.

Fabinho Dantas Flappers says:

It's great!

Brian Turner says:

For once in a duet, I am not looking at Judy!

Carlos Cruz says:

Howard Stern brought me here.

misplacedstoic says:

Martha Raye was such a great performer.

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