Judy Garland & Lena Horne – Medley (The Judy Garland Show)

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Judy sings Lena sings Judy: Honeysuckle Rose (Judy) / Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis (Lena) / Deed I Do (Judy) / Zing! Went The Strigs Of My Heart (Lena) / It’s All Right With Me (Judy) / The Trolley Song (Judy & Lena) / Love (Judy & Lena).


Lotti Golden says:

What a treat to see these two icons!

William L Robinson says:

Two of the best female vocalists/entertainers ever.

Donald Gardipee says:

dem teeth..lol

Rocanten Rocanten says:


Sunshine Hoops says:

These are Fabulous!

Micki Finn says:

I love the way they both gently send each other up – particularly Judy aping Lena's style on Deed I Do. She was a great mimic.

PeaceFan1 says:

This was Judy's BEST duet partner, hands down !! There chemistry is so magnetic and so genuine ..you see TRUE Craft here…the fact that they can intertwine those songs and put it off Flawlessly is an amazing sight to behold !! I can't stop watching it, it is so Damn Great !! Long Live Judy !! xo

Augustus Caesar says:

This is Wonderful indeed, almost to the extreme. "Meet me In St.Loui."-"I didn't know it was a sexy song."……Both Judy's and Lena's facial expressions are priceless, and their warm and comical vibe together is refreshing. And of course those Amazing voices and those wonderful songs, two legends and two lovely personalities. This was GREAT.

sunny chuang says:

'Deed I do have quite bubbling-and-thrilling moment in this sort-of dreamy-and-homey musical soiree that features the two exemplary-and-legendary power elites in the Hollywood music realm Ms Judy Garland and Ms Lena Horne – alternating and percolating the songs aligned with the other and thus consummating something that is in high spirits and perfect harmony. Admittedly I'm awestruck and starstruck by their exuding allures,their confounding voices,their pleasant-sounding duet,their heart-pounding soft-skills,their subtly-extending styles,and their commanding trademark-songs – belting out their Judy-Sings-Lena-Sings-Judy Medley in a most collaborative-and-exhilarative diva competition and electrifying-and-revivifying their wide-reaching adoring followers up to the present time.Despite going through multifarious stumbling blocks in their careers,these high-grade and high-priced old schools had all the same managed to stick out at the concert halls or on the television shows with their grand style,high energy,moral fiber,and star quality – serving as the true shining beacons for all the current up-and-coming young stars.For all her ardent supporters Ms Judy Garland is more than just a hot-tamale vocalist and a heavy-duty recitalist,she's also a five-star conversationalist as clearly seen-and-heard in all her warm interacting with her guest-stars. There's no question that she's one-of-a-kind and second-to-none real-trouper.                   

CJlovesdance says:

They are both crazy haha I love their energy

Steve Lemson says:

Beyoncé who?

Michael Bryant says:

No lip-sync or auto-tune, just two great voices singing great material.

Xanadu says:

2:18 "I didn't know it was a sexy song": Judy Garland 🙂 

MrDisshithere says:

Judy could saaang!

MrDisshithere says:

Id love it! And anyway I think they planned it all along!;)

MrDisshithere says:


MrDisshithere says:


MrDisshithere says:

This is just AMAZING!

MrDisshithere says:

Lena was gttn it on "Love"!

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