John Mclaughlin, Elvin Jones, Joey Defrancesco – Jazz a Juan, 1996

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John McLaughlin – guitar
Joey DeFrancesco – hammond organ
Elvin Jones – drums

1. My Favorite Things
2. Sing Me Softly of the Blues
3. Encuentros
4. Naima
5. Take the Coltrane


Jakob Kiebach says:

I think Cory Henry transcribed from Elvin Jones

Keith Pevey says:

This is a dream come true!

Luc Bergeron says:

It's 2017 and people are STILL arguing over how many notes are being played. And this is why we have Trump as a president. As a society, apparently we deserve no better.

vKarl71 says:

This video is all about Elvin Jones for me. No praise would be adequate. Too bad McLaughlin isn't listening to him more responsively. There's no doubt that JM is a great guitarist but, despite the spectacular speed and great dynamic control of his playing (which I would LOVE to be able to do myself, and never will), I think that, on My Favorite Things, he's kind of phoning it in – especially in the beginning – relying on his technique instead of being truly musical. He's just doing his speed thing, ignoring the essence of this composition. To me it's like putting catchup on tiramisu. In the later part of the solo he almost gets to a few almost magical moments with the band but he's doesn't really seem to be listening. Maybe he was tired. It happens. Nobody's perfect. Or maybe he was pissed off at somebody.
All that said, JM created some amazing, original and unique music with Mahavishnu Orchestra (who I heard several times in concert) and with Miles (amazing!), and it's always worth listening to him. And if you're finding something wonderful in his playing here that inspires you – that's' what music is all about, right?

But Elvin – whew!!

stan burdick says:

Elvin, such a busy player

Maurice Macouille says:

McLaughlin: the noodler without a cause, enabled by legions of tasteless neck wankers

Benet Rutenberg says:

Mr. Levin, Thank You so much for your comprehensive history of this wonderful music.

Ron Askew says:

Elvin Jones provides a blanket of rhythmic sound that washes over the entire performance, with interest, but without distraction. AWESOME.

james west says:

Spectacular concert that gets better and better as it goes along . Wonderful

Ramin Monsefi says:

This is the most impressive jazz performance ever! 3 GODS!

Fermín Pascual says:

hola: 12 – 10 – 2016

Navroze contractor says:

Never before and never after such a combination of musicians…..

Glenn Michael Thompson says:

Wlvin Jones… always inspiring!

experimental electronica says:

Too bad JM can play like a beast but has such a !#@tty tone.

stogies3 says:

hm looks like he's playing one of his Johnny Smiths Gibsons

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