John McLaughlin – Extrapolation (Full Album)

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Extrapolation is the debut album by jazz guitarist John McLaughlin. It was recorded at Advision Studios in London on January 18, 1969 and first released later that year in the United Kingdom by Giorgio Gomelsky’s Marmalade Records.

The album was not released in the United States until 1972, following McLaughlin’s success as the leader of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The first US release and other subsequent re-issues are on the Polydor Records label.


John McLaughlin – guitar
Brian Odgers (incorrectly named “Odges” on the album notes) – bass
Tony Oxley – drums
John Surman – baritone and soprano saxophones


00:00 – 01 – “Extrapolation”
03:52 – 02 – “It’s Funny”
08:15 – 03 – “Arjen’s Bag” (re-titled Follow Your Heart when recorded the following year with Joe Farrell, and by McLaughlin solo on My Goal’s Beyond)
12:26 – 04 – “Pete the Poet”
17:14 – 05 – “This Is for Us to Share”
20:50 – 06 – “Spectrum”
23:40 – 07 – “Binky’s Beam” (This track is often listed incorrectly as “Binky’s Dream”)
30:42 – 08 – “Really You Know”
35:05 – 09 – “Two for Two”
38:50 – 10 – “Peace Piece”


peregrine1222112 says:

McLaughlin's masterpiece.

Michael Alderete says:

Awesome compositions, performances and sound. Nice blend of more straight ahead playing with sneak peaks at jazz fusion guitar riffs to come. And Suman kicks.

HDTV Guys says:

1969; a very good year.

Jazz Lover says:

I heard John McLaughlin's name mentioned around '69-'71 by people at college – included a few guitar players; who also mentioned this album.  Bought it mail order early '71 from that Import-Export place out in CA. that advertised in Rolling Stone & sold UK imports way below retail store prices.  Loved it from the first time I heard it – at about the same time I was finally beginning to "get" what late Coltrane was about.  Oxley – very very good – I'd have liked to have seen him tour here in the States.  Big fan of John Surman, right from hearing this record.  At about the same time, bought Jack Bruce Things We Like also featuring Mclaughlin – great session; and several months later when it came out "Where Fortune Smiles" with McLaughlin, Surman, Stu Martin,  Karl Berger – God, what another great record…. all great music.

Ron Wooden says:

Hmmm…. I'm thinking……..

freetofu says:

Oxley's playing really makes this. Listening to it it seems strange that he would become best known for working with Cecil Taylor.

Richard Toland says:

Like all of McLaughlin's individual work, this one is full of creative, beautiful music. Lots of moving parts, literally and figuratively. And lots of rewards for the listener. The pieces seem like departure points. The 3rd track, "Arjen's Bag" (later re-titled "Follow Your Heart" ) is a very cool fan favorite. Search YouTube for the late Joe Farrell Quartet (feat.John McLaughlin) recording of “Follow your Heart”.

Soul Space says:

It is very possible that this album is perfect.

Omar Leal says:

incomprensible para oidos ordinarios

Robert Becker says:

for me one of his very best,,,, surrounded by these Great musicians!

Gordon Scott says:

Amazed to discover this is BEFORE the Orchestra … recorded 1969. Wow.

Joel Lemaitre. says:

at that time , i saw live Tony Williams Lifetime in New York with JML ,Jack Bruce and Larry Young (1970 )

vbf says:

sounds similar to Mahavishnu sometimes!

Terry Taillon says:

When I was 19 years old, and a dj for my college radio station, I had the chance to interview John McLaughlin, but the performance was canceled due to lack of ticket sales. I was heart broken, because I had just recently been turned on to jazz, fussion being my favorite style, and I was really looking forward to the interview. I had worked for weeks on the list of questions I was going to ask him, that is to say after I had regained my composure after simply touching those magic fingers. I cried like a baby. Never did get the chance to even see him perform.

TheAntiSocialButterfly says:

When I was about 13 or 14 years old my bought me a bunch of "guitar" records for Christmas. Extrapolation along with BB KIng's Lucille LP and another record that escapes me now pretty much blew my young mind.
I didn't quite know how to "process" this record, but a few years later when I heard Mahavishnu Orchestra's "InnerMounting Flame" LP a light bulb went off over my head. I was like, "Oh, yeah! That John McLaughlin guy!"
Almost simultaneously I heard Frank Zappa's "Overnight Sensation", so brother… it was on!
It took me years to get the fusion out of my playing! I still have lot's of this stuff at my core although I have wandered through many other musical styles. Good stuff here!

Ester Samuels says:

Is this the original recording or was it edited a little?

Guilherme Valenti says:

wich the year of this record?

Bubu says:

Could anyone recommend more music like this?? I havent heard anything quite like this, and it sounds amazing.

Bogallan says:

He has never bettered this. Straight ahead jazz, without effects, Hindu schtick or show-off shredding, with three of the best musicians of the time playing alongside.

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