John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu – Adventures in Radioland (Full Album)

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“Adventures in Radioland” is a 1987 album by the John McLaughlin-headed group Mahavishnu, released by the Relativity label which represents McLauglin’s interest in electronic technology. It features McLaughlin on Synclavier synthesized guitar.

The album was recorded at Psycho Recording Studios & Sampling in Milan initially by Craigh Milliner then finished by Max Costa and mixed by John McLaughlin and Max Costa. It was released on CD by the Polygram label in 1993 (Wikipedia).

Track listing:
Side one
No. Title Music Length
1. “The Wait” Jim Beard 5:35
2. “Just Ideas” Mitchel Forman 2:00
3. “Jozy” McLaughlin 5:25
4. “Half Man – Half Cookie” Bill Evans 2:56
5. “Florianapolis” McLaughlin, Forman 5:21

Side two
No. Title Music Length
1. “Gotta Dance” McLaughlin 4:18
2. “The Wall Will Fall” McLaughlin 6:00
3. “Reincarnation” McLaughlin 2:57
4. “Mitch Match” Forman 3:54
5. “20th Century”

John McLaughlin – guitars
Danny Gottlieb – drums
Jonas Hellborg – bass guitar
Bill Evans – saxophones, keyboards (4)
Mitchel Forman – keyboards