Hoagy Carmichael – Judy

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“Judy” (Sammy Lerner, Hoagy Carmichael).

Hoagy Carmichael – vocals


Manolo Rodriguez says:

En el show de judy garlan con Frank Sinatra y Dean Martin , Dino canta un fragmento de este viejo tema de Baudeville en NY.

Barry I. Grauman says:

Recorded on March 9, 1934.

Steve Carr says:

Kinda funny how a throwaway song would be attributed to one of the MOST acclaimed singers ever in popular music – Judy Garland.  She sure lived up to the lyrics of this wonderful song.

Cherry Campbell says:

what a beautiful song

Garbo630 says:

Oh what a fabulous song!!…..LOL and yes my name is Judy!

bocky smith says:

Yes! You're right. 🙂 After her last name was changed to Garland, She decided to change her first name. Judy loved Hoagy's song, so she changed Francis to Judy, and became Judy Garland, a beloved name… the world would treasure!! 🙂

Ryhela says:

He was truly a one of a kind – sad that very few have stepped up to the plate, and I doubt whether they would ever get to the same plateau. Amazing artiste. Sad that there are very few anymore.

PoetryETrain says:

Love this, thank you…

UkesterBrown says:

I love this song- My wife is a "Judy". I noticed there is a later recording with lyrics a tad more skeptical. It is on the CD Hoagy sings Carmichael. I have never seen sheet music for this song. Is there more than one verse or did Hoagy adlib a lot on this?

schiamazzo88 says:

I've read that Judy Garland selected her stage name based on this song…what a great number! Thanks for sharing!!!

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