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Legendary Jazz pianist, Tom McDermott, focuses on the music of Scott Joplin; 17 wonderful tunes.

This CD is not for purists, but, its freshness is unique and and familiar at the same time.

”Mr. McDermott is not simply a follower of tradition or a repository of old tunes. He composes within his wide-ranging idiom with a knowledgeable feeling for his sources and a sense of humor.” -The New York Times.

“Scott Joplin’s rags have long fascinated musicians for their structural elegance, their magnificent melodies and their invitation to invent. With his own immersion, Mr. McDermott has broadened the possibilities and rekindled a spark.” – The Wall Street Journal.

Track listing:

1. The Easy Winners (3:44)
2. Magnetic Rag (5:23)
3. The Strenuous Life (2:47)
4. Gladiolus Rag (4:32)
5. Pineapple Rag (3:57)
6. Rose Leaf Rag (4:47)
7. Maple Leaf Rag (5:22)
8. Fig Leaf Rag (4:56)
9. Rosebud March (2:33)
10. Euphonic Sounds (4:04)
11. The Entertainer (5:15)
12. Sunflower Slow Drag (3:47)
13. Searchlight Rag (1:31)
14. Something Doing (3:51)
15. Swipesy Cakewalk (5:22)
16. Heliotrope Bouquet (5:28)
17. The Chrysanthemum (5:41)


Tom McDermott – piano
Evan Christopher – clarinet
Sergio Krakowski – pandeiro
Henry Lentino – bandolim
Ciao Marcio – guitar
Rick Trolsen – trombone


Original Release Date: April 5, 2019
Label: Arbors