Stan Kenton – Adventures in Time (Full Album)

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Adventures in Time (full title From the Creative World of Stan Kenton Comes Adventures in Time: A Concerto for Orchestra Arranged by Johnny Richards) is an album by the Stan Kenton Orchestra featuring compositions by Johnny Richards recorded in 1962 and released by Capitol Records.

AllMuѕіс Review by Sсоtt Yanow:
This album іѕ соmрrіѕеd оf eight compositions bу arranger Jоhnnу Rісhаrdѕ that fеаturе Stаn Kenton’s Mellophonium Orchestra іn a vаrіеtу of tіmе signatures, ԛuіtе оftеn 5/4 аnd 7/4. Thе ѕоlоіѕtѕ (аltоіѕt Gаbе Bаltаzаr, trumреtеr Marvin Stamm, Dоn Mеnzа on tenor and Rау Stаrlіng on mеllорhоnіum) dо thеіr bеѕt even if nоnе оf thе ѕоngѕ аrе all thаt mеmоrаblе bу themselves. Thіѕ worthwhile іf not раrtісuаrlу еѕѕеntіаl rеlеаѕе іѕ a bіt of a historical сurіоѕіtу (

Track listing:
All compositions by Johnny Richards.

“Commencement” – 3:07
“Quintile” – 6:58
“Artemis” – 5:33
“3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 72” – 4:27
“March to Polaris” – 5:52
“Septuor from Antares” – 3:51
“Artemis and Apollo” – 4:32
“Apercu” – 3:54

Recorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA on September 24, 1962 (track 1), September 25, 1962 (track 2), September 26, 1962 (tracks 3-5), September 27, 1962 (tracks 6 & 7) and September 28, 1962 (track 8).

Stan Kenton – piano
Bob Behrendt, Keith La Motte, Gary Slavo, Dalton Smith, Marvin Stamm – trumpet
Bob Fitzpatrick, Bud Parker, Tom Ringo – trombone
Jim Amlotte – bass trombone
Dave Wheeler – bass trombone, tuba
Joe Burnett, Dwight Carver, Lou Gasca, Ray Starling – mellophone
Gabe Baltazar – alto saxophone
Ray Florian, Don Menza, tenor saxophone
Allan Beutler – baritone saxophone
Joel Kaye – baritone saxophone, bass saxophone
Bucky Calabrese – bass
Dee Barton – drums
Steve Dweck – tympani, percussion
Johnny Richards – arranger, conductor


Released: 1962
Recorded: September 24–28, 1962
Studio Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA
Length: 38:15
Label: Capitol T/ST 1844
Producer: Lee Gillette