Rod Stewart & Santana Perform Live In Las Vegas

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Carlos Santana joins Rod Stewart on stage during his concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on May 6, 2014, for their first-ever performance together. The two embarked on a successful co-headline tour across America in the summer of 2014.



Jordan McCall says:

jeff beck and beth hart…. the best!!!

Michelle Lougoon says:

A beautiful song , performed by two great artists.. thank you

Jennifer Wilkinson says:

Haunting version of this song. Rod and Carlos totally compliment each other.

Compachuy13varrio91 CHUCO VGV says:

Grande Rod Stewart

nissmo_det says:

cual es el nombre de la canción?

Spectra BEI says:

WOW, Two legends on the same stage, WOW,

Guitar man says:

I think Carlos milked this song because of only one rehearsal.

dubourg fabienne says:

Que du bonheur !!!

bobby123 says:

Wow that was fantastic!

arasoria Soria says:

i think that the chewing gum gives the power

Jans Padilla says:

Espectacular Carlos!!!!

Dulce Ocampo says:

Carlitos ¿con quien no ha estado?


a quitarra fala meu

Carlos Teran says:

No, He ´s a GREAT G…but he didn t find those nice & " right.." riffs, lines, solos, filling upstuff on rock/blues/nice ballad tune…noT always …..

Jorge izidoro says:

Sensational performance of two great names in music in the world, authentic bllues!

elbolio1 says:

Carlos Santana 100% mexicano !!!!!

Silvio Almeida says:

Carlos Santana, é simplesmente o melhor guitarrista dos nossos tempos, desde woodstock, a sua riquissima veia melódica é única e inigualável. sou compositor, já passei inclusive por festival da TV Globo, não declaro essa visão pelo famoso guitarrista sem conhecimento. Sílvio de Almeida .

Sofia Torres says:

Man, every time I watch this, it makes me cry. It's so beautiful and moving.

josé aparecido says:

Carlos Santana and Rod Stewart is very amazing! and very petrry How cooll! thank You so much! !!!!!!!!

Guitar man says:

I had almost forgotten about.Carlos in my aging years. So glad I got interested in this song. This guitarist is such an inspiration!!

Kahsai Solomon says:

the best guitar player hands down really he makes his guitar talks I'm serious

Віктор Тодосов says:

Виват Род Стюард и его гениальный аккомпаниатор !!

Pamela Bruce says:

WOW, just WOW………

Danny Mailula says:

what a perfect combination… wow Santana & Rod r the best

Mirwal Vesal Vesal says:

Putas que paristes um guitarrista deste

Braulia Mamani says:

único ….mi Rod

Reyes Clar says:

Carlos Santana es un genio con la guitarra, es maravilloso escucharlo junto a Rod Steward, dos grandes

Esteban Felix says:

Pura Musica excelente con los mejores.

Julia Campisi says:

Dos grandes !!

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