Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri – Europa

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Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri – Europa (live, 1977).

Carlos Santana – guitar

Gato Barbieri – tenor saxophone


Bonnie Mitchell says:

thank you for sharing! Priceless

omar montoya says:

grande gato. grande,,,-

Rosemarie Rex says:

Gato Barbieri; the best sax player in the world beside my son, Jay Blessing.

porthaul says:

Where was this concert?

Birmania Wagner says:

Excelente!,dos grandes entre los mas grandes.

Heck says:

Thank you, gentlemen. Beautiful.

Rav Shaw says:


Horace Hargrove says:

Impossible to describe what it feels like!

deSOL Media says:

music written from a different place in the soul-turns your heart around again in your life.Abundant love comes from this music.

조희연 says:

싼타나보다 내취향엔 gato barbieri 연주가 더 좋아!

Riccardo Puglisi says:

Simply amazing!

Can anybody explain the presence of 190 idiots who voted thumbs down??

Lillian Galle says:

Pure aural perfection.

Michał W. Kmiecik says:

Beautiful track, perfect performance…

Oscar D says:


david whitaker says:

i attended a Gato concert at Syracuse University with Keith jarrett, publicty error I and about 10 other folks had a private concert


irene Saldias says:

Linda melodía excelentemente ejecutada

betty harvey says:

go gata go and santana

Jennifer Puhl says:

my 2 favorite musicians… This song is incredibly beautiful

betty harvey says:

oh lord where are you my friend this was our song come back to me

J Good says:

Flawless, again, thanks so much for sharing, j

jazzbuff25 says:

Music can bring us all to tears, at least it does to me, and this is definitely one of those moments… fortunate to have seen Gato back in the 70's at the Berklee Performance Center, Boston.  Rest in Peace Gato, heaven has a great sax player in its ensemble!

Wendy Potter says:

So I remember listening to this song when I was little but it had been years since I heard it. My dad plays a Jazz station in the kitchen and then I heard it, searched for the name and WOW!!!!!! I am on a music journey of memory and a re-discovery of an amazing song! AMAZING! <3

Marco DL says:

Que hermosa version, esto es música para cerrar los ojos y dejarse llevar…

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