Patti Austin & Band at Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen 2014

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0:00:00 A Little Bit of Love
0:06:14 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
0:11:42 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
0:19:50 Baby Come To Me
0:24:00 They Can’t Take That Away From Me
0:28:19 How Do You Keep The Music Playing
0:35:21 Give It Up
0:40:47 Never Never Land
0:45:49 Let ’Em In
0:51:40 I’m Looking Through You
0:55:55 Penny Lane
1:00:44 Love Wins
1:08:58 Lean On Me
1:17:40 You Gotta Be
1:25:01 [Little Yodel Improv ]
1:25:38 Enjoy The Silence

Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen 2014

Patti Austin: vocals · Mike Ricchiuti: piano, keyboards · Mitch Stein: guitar · Richard Hammond: bass · Steve Hass: drums · Kim Sanders, Jenny Karr, Tony Potts: background vocals



eugene fried says:






jefferson Dantas says:

awesome voice!

Jade Tabiolo says:

Oh my, very enjoyable performance by a classy performer. No pizzazz, no fireworks. Just the the voice and the music.

Laura Sánchez Moreno says:

Awesome version "How do you keep the music playing" better than the original !!!

Martin Platt says:

Very professional singer…xx

Steve S says:

I love Patti Austin!

vinícius Soares says:

she makes it seems so easy. Amazing voice and band.

bigben1986 says:

such a great sound. patty rocks!!!

Pop Off! says:

That audience was kind of sedated.

Jeff Hooker says:

I enjoyed that immensely!  Patti Austin and the band back up singers were all fantastic!  Great choices of songs, too!  Patti can sing about anything and what a wonderful personality.  Thanks for uploading.

Lothar Wohlert says:

very nice concert 🙂

Evan Echoes says:

What an amazing performer. Great voice, great song selections, and a great sense of stage presence. Truly amazing. .

Mike Krawchuk says:

She is GREAT!

fernando del hoyo says:


Carlos Alberto Molino says:

Yes, She is incredible, fabulous!!! Maravilhosa…

melindafreed says:

Thank you Musenginst for posting this. I am enjoying this concert over and over again. Fabulous! I saw her years ago with the Pittsburgh Symphony. I have always loved Patti Austin. I agree with everyone–she's incredible.

Karen Mitchell says:

Ms. Austin does The Rolling Stones? What an interesting surprise. You were right when you said you tried to do interesting twists on the traditional songs. I didn't get what I wanted, I got what I needed!

Michael Bussey says:

I've been following Patti for 30+ years now and have had the pleasure of seeing her perform live 4 times, so far! I hope she records another studio album again some day.

Marcellus Milton says:

Thank you for posting this. Patti Austin is fabulous.

arstar3 says:

What a consummate performer!  Her warmth, personality and incredible musicanship permeate every song that she sings.  Patti Austin is a GIFT!!!!!  Thank you!!!!  🙂

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XxX_StarXFire_XxX says:

The Music Sounds nice I never heard it before but kind of not my type XD probably my mom would like it im not saying that I hate it its just kind of boring I guess I don't know how to say it though but Patti Austin Nice job with the music  but my favorite one is The heat of heat patti Austin sings that it sounds great so everyone can look that kind of music up and even my mom loves that song I love it too and its my jam I know I could spell right but im only 10 years old so if you already heard of the heat of heat you could reply to me and we can chat sometimes on my youtube channel but thanks for the music I pretty much appreciate how it sounds though again im not saying I hate it but good job though thanks for reading this if you did you are awesome XD and yes I play minecraft minecraft is a lot of fun playing around with my friends so sometimes you could go to my youtube channel and probably I record myself or my friends and me playing minecraft even my brother if you play minecraft and see me around on this server probably we should be friends or something be sure to say hello to me if you only see me or my brother my Minecraft username is Tinkerbell71105 I love to play on mineplex and hypixel only if you have that so mostly I play those two servers thanks for reading! 😀 bye

e dee says:

Thank you for streaming this.

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