Oliver Nelson with Lem Winchester ‎– Nocturne

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Nocturne is an album by American saxophonist Oliver Nelson and vibraphonist Lem Winchester. It was originally released in 1961 on Prestige Records, as part of the “Moodsville Series”. As the title implies, Nocturne is a collection of mellow songs with relaxed, late-night feeling.

Track listing:
Nocturne” (Nelson) – 3:46
Bob’s Blues” (Nelson) – 5:30
Man With a Horn” (DeLange, Jenney, Lake) – 6:08
Early Morning” (Nelson) – 4:48
In a Sentimental Mood” (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills) – 6:15
Azur’te” (Davis, Wolf) – 5:42
Time After Time” (Cahn, Styne) – 7:24

Oliver Nelson – alto and tenor saxophone
Lem Winchester – vibraphone
Richard Wyands – piano
George Duvivier – bass
Roy Haynes – drums


Released: Early April 1961
Recorded: August 23, 1960
Studio: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Length: 39:33
Label: Moodsville
Producer: Esmond Edwards