Oliver Nelson – The Blues and the Abstract Truth

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The Blues and the Abstract Truth is an album by American composer and jazz saxophonist Oliver Nelson recorded in February 1961 for the Impulse! label. It remains Nelson’s most acclaimed album and features a lineup of notable musicians: Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy (his second-to-last appearance on a Nelson album following a series of collaborations recorded for Prestige), Bill Evans (his only appearance with Nelson), Paul Chambers and Roy Haynes. Baritone saxophonist George Barrow does not take solos but remains a key feature in the subtle voicings of Nelson’s arrangements.

The Jazz Journal International cited the album as “one of the essential post-bop recordings.”



Track listing:
All tracks composed by Oliver Nelson.

Side one
1. “Stolen Moments” Hubbard, Dolphy, Nelson, Evans 8:47
2. “Hoe-Down” Hubbard, Dolphy, Nelson, Haynes 4:43
3. “Cascades” Hubbard, Evans 5:32
Side two
1. “Yearnin'” Dolphy, Hubbard, Evans 6:24
2. “Butch and Butch” Nelson, Hubbard, Dolphy, Evans 4:35
3. “Teenie’s Blues” Dolphy, Nelson, Evans, Chambers 6:33

Freddie Hubbard – trumpet
Eric Dolphy – alto saxophone; flute
Oliver Nelson – tenor saxophone; alto saxophone on “Teenie’s Blues”
George Barrow – baritone saxophone
Bill Evans – piano
Paul Chambers – bass
Roy Haynes – drums


Released: August 1961
Recorded: February 23, 1961
Studio: Van Gelder Studio
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Length: 36:33
Label: Impulse!
Producer: Creed Taylor