Nina Simone – Wild Is The Wind

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“Wild Is the Wind” (Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington).

Album: “Wild Is the Wind” (1966).

Nina Simone – vocals.



m saksagiak says:

By far the most moving piece I've ever heard. In tears.

Violetta says:

Nina, when I listen to your voice, it is a supernatural experience.

SuzieLa La says:

Bad day. Nina, sing it for me. :'(

Peter Castillo says:

David Bowie's Version is Better

therocknthelol says:

an excellent song but personally i prefer the bowie version

Haydn Anderson says:

The more this was covered, the better it became.
Johnny Mathis original << this cover < David Bowie cover

Charlotte Hampton says:

I first heard this song on a Movie when watching TV and loved this song ever since…so beautiful

foobird58 says:

Nina Simone first sang "Wild is The Wind: in 1958
“Wild Is the Wind” was written by Russian-born screen composer Dimitri Tiomkin (who also wrote the score for High Noon) and lyricist Ned Washington and is sung over the opening credits of the film by Johnny Mathis. Tiomkin picks up the song’s theme throughout his score for the film; also, cleverly, in one scene when a radio is switched on, a jazzy instrumental version of “Wild Is the Wind” is playing. Mathis’s performance is typically silky; in 1958 he sang it at the Oscars ceremony.

Perhaps Nina Simone was watching, because the song sparked something in her. On her 1959 album At Town Hall, recorded live in New York, she transformed the song into something befitting its title, a swirl of cascading piano, her voice tremulous. Embellishments were added, such as, “Don’t you know . . .” before the line, “You’re life itself”, which have stuck."

JFairOnAir1 says:

I had to go find out what mandolins sound like after this song. Ump this song has captured my heart

Elvira Ertsou says:

Sometimes the feeling of love is so devastating that it can be compared to the wild wind  which sweeps everything away .

Evelyn Yao says:

Revolutionary road trailer brought me here

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