Mike Stern Band – Kate (Live)

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performed by Mike Stern Band
Blue Note Milano 11-04-2015


Mike Stern – guitar
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Janek Gwizdala – bass
Steve Smith – drums



Umberto Smaila says:

Steve Smith alla batteria signori !!!! don't stop believin' !!! 🙂

Tom Howland says:

Great Band-all world class players. Breakers solo is sublime.

NNicole Barnes says:

TO ME:::The trumpeter souds so much like Miles Davis

HS Tele says:

One of the best guitar player in the world. Watched him live performance once and the other one watched his clinic and duet with Joe Diorio.

Tony Faelens says:

SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris Ruston says:

Man, that chorus effect sucked in the '80s. I CANNOT believe that Stern is STILL using it. Yuck.

Eric Gendell says:

Every time I have seen Mike Stern Perform, he has been surrounded by stellar musicians and every performance was, well, stellar. Mike is a virtuoso who knows how to play with other musicians. Several times I watched him play at the 55 Bar in Manhattan where he performs regularly when not on tour. Watching him play in that tiny space,not more than a few feet from him was no less impressive than watching him perform on a large stage.
Mike is a great musician at home among other great musicians.who brings an ebullience with him that is nearly palpable and is a great band leader because he knows how to allow others to do their thing.

blesseins says:

So , I know what gift is to be under the pine-beard tree with Jesus song …!!! Greatly Fused …

stefano bargagli says:

Fantastic music and fantastic musicians!!!!!!!!!

Po Tato says:

That was nasty. Mike Stern is a beast

eduholo says:

the drum solo is amazing

jou812 says:

What a set, this is major talent

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