Michael Brecker with The Rodger Fox Big Band – African Skies & Round Midnight

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“This was one of the great moments for New Zealand jazz when the great Michael Brecker toured New Zealand as a guest of the Rodger Fox Big Band to celebration the bands 30th Anniversary. Just a magic experience for all the band members and the New Zealand jazz public. I personally appreciated Michaels commitment to the tour and the great vibes he brought to the tour. Man!!!!! eight concerts throughout New Zealand hearing Michael perform with my band ever night was something I will ALWAYS remembers………now onwards we go to to celebrate the band 5OTH …..ahhhh I am just so glad I started the band so young. For more information on the band check out www.rodgerfoxbigband.com” – Rodger Fox.

Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone
The Rodger Fox Big Band