Louis Armstrong & Ma Rainey – See See Rider Blues

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“See See Rider”, also known as “C.C. Rider”, “See See Rider Blues” or “Easy Rider”, is a popular American 12-bar blues song, originally recorded by Gertrude “Ma” Rainey in 1924.

The song uses mostly traditional blues lyrics to tell the story of an unfaithful lover, commonly called an easy rider: “See see rider, see what you have done,” making a play on the word see and the sound of easy (Wikipedia).


  • Louis Armstrong  – cornet
  • Buster Bailey – clarinet
  • Charlie Green – tuba
  • Fletcher Henderson – piano
  • Charlie Dixon – banjo
  • Ma Rainey – vocals


EpouseX says:

Thank you for listing the musicians too!

Eric Jackson says:

Ma Rainey didn't give either Bessie Smith or Louis Armstrong their start in show business.  Young Bessie Smith was a member of the same minstrel troupe that Ma was a member of. Ma didn't record until 1923.  Lous had worked with several bands before he recorded with Ma Rainey.

Tyrone Norwood says:

You all do realize that Ma Rainy was a band leader in her own right; she gave Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong their start

Chuck Crawford says:

yhis is great!

jay1beaux says:

Thanks for posting

RagtimeDorianHenry says:

and I love the Blind Lemon Jefferson's version

Marie Ralph says:

Funny noise, a slight thump, at 1:47. Any ideas?
Ma Rainey has lost her man, therefore is going to kill him. Charming! Good voice, good band, especially Louis Armstong.
The band were members of the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra.
Ma Rainey gets a good write-up on redhotjazz, also a longer one on wikipedia.

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