Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra – Carolina Stomp

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Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra – Carolina Stomp


  • Coleman Hawkins – clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Louis Armstrong – cornet
  • Elmer Chambers, Joe Smith – trumpet
  • Charly Green – trombone
  • Buster Baily – tenor saxophone
  • Don Redmann – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Fletcher Henderson – piano, bandleader
  • Charlie Dixon – banjo
  • Ralph Escuderos – tuba
  • Kaiser Marshall – drums

New York City, October 21 1925


GeorgeTWilson says:

An early hit by Rube Bloom, later writer of standards like "Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)."

Paul Lindemeyer says:

Rex Stewart told the story that Hawkins brought the bass sax to just one record date, and that everybody agreed he could not play it. In reality he used it on a handful of sides, and did fine. It wasn't Hawk's lack of ability that was embarrassing, it was the instrument itself.

delphiz99 says:

excellent! thank you so much for posting!

Great Pianists says:

I never thought I would actually hear Coleman Hawkins on a bass saxophone! Terrific!

And Fletcher Henderson really whacks that piano!

Great Pianists says:

Thanks for posting this! Nice dub!

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