Komeda Quintet ‎- Astigmatic (Full Album)

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Astigmatic is a studio album by Polish jazz pianist and composer Krzysztof Komeda.

Astigmatic consists of three long tracks, all written by Komeda. “Kattorna” (meaning “female cats” in Swedish) is based on a motif from Komeda’s soundtrack for a movie of the same name directed by Henning Carlsen. “Svantetic” is dedicated to Svante Foerster, a Swedish poet who was a friend of Komeda.

The music combines many disparate elements, including modal playing, free jazz-inspired improvisation, precise forms, tone clusters, aleatoric structures and avant-garde use of timbre and articulation, while imbuing them with individual expression and a sense of dramatic lyricism that’s been compared to late Romantic music.

Richard Cook and Brian Morton name it as “one of the finest jazz albums ever made in Europe” and include it among the 1001 best jazz records in their book The Penguin Jazz Guide. Critic Stuart Nicholson wrote that it “has become a bellwether for European jazz, with critics pointing to how this album marked a shift away from the dominant American approach with the emergence of a specific European aesthetic”. Manfred Eicher, the founder of ECM Records, described it as a milestone in the history of jazz (Wikipedia).

A1 Astigmatic

B1 Kattorna
B2 Svantetic

Gunter Lenz – bass
Rune Carlsson – drums
Krzysztof Komeda – piano
Zbigniew Namysłowski – alto saxophone
Tomasz Stanko – trumpet

Artist: Komeda Quintet
Album: Astigmatic
Year: 1966
Country: Poland
Label: Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎– XL 0298 (Polish Jazz – Vol. 5)




Augusto Alvarez says:

Listening to this is such a pleasure… I don't deserve this.

Krzysztof Poltorak says:

international deltoid 69 ▲ ▼ witch carl

gilala granda says:

Czas bez końca…

Miguel Rivera Ortiz says:

7 dislikes. The people are crazy

Caalamus says:

23:10 !!!

This "Continental Spy" Groove is amazing!

…Aural Espionage!!!

bakavasa says:

The sax solo on the first track was so good that the other musicians were left speechless. Literally. 🙂

Łukasz Sobieraj says:


Lupo Von Volpe says:

Not too free, not too traditional: just perfect.

Jaque Nixxo says:

Komeda byl geniální skladatel, a tohle je radost poslouchat.

ZachBalla says:

That dude on the kit! Rune Carlsson! Guy is the heartbeat of this album. Spectacular.

Elizabeth Comstock says:

Jazz pierwsza klasa, który muzycznie można stawiać na równi z Theloniousem czy Sun Ra!

caca seca says:

link download ?

Rob Jones says:

Utterly flawless. It is in the same league as "A Love Supreme" and "Kind Of Blue", yet it
isn't as well known as this CD is very difficult to find, as well as extremely expensive .
I found this gem in the second hand section of a long vanished London jazz shop, for a few pounds.
Komeda died in 1969, under very strange circumstances at the tender age of 31.
Even so, this is a true masterpiece. Every jazz fan should own a copy.

Janek Karbownicki says:

jestem w pełnym zachwycie! Dziękuję!!!

Łukasz Gwoździak says:

Ta płyta przypomina jedno wielkie nieustające jam session, ale ma w sobie siłę, szczególnie trąbka Stańki.

Spaced Odissey says:

¿Alguien tiene el nombre de las rolas?

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