John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Paco De Lucía – Meeting of the Spirits

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In 1979 and 1980 three world renowned guitarists, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell and Paco De Lucia formed a guitar super-trio and toured Europe.

The spell-binding quality of the music that the collaboration created as an ensemble and the dazzling audience reaction to the performances has never been surpassed and has rightfully passed into Jazz folklore.

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, February 14, 1979.


  • John McLaughlin
  • Larry Coryell
  • Paco De Lucía


zogemfacial81 says:

Every time I listen to this song I think that every other music or songs (no offend) disappears cause that is the ultimate, notes,solos, every fucking note is clear(not mistakes hiding behind the amplifiers which i like playing). but this is purity damn it. That is indefinable magical music, no name just meeting of the spirits, higher level. I am grateful that I had the chance to hear that.-

Axel Hobrecht says:

RIP Larry Coryell, a true legend of jazz guitar.

Quốc Vũ Hàn says:

It's attractive so much!

Pierre Romero says:

Primero PACO Y ahora LARRY descansé en pas.

Bandicoot says:

Wonderful! True spirits! Great! A truly creative time, much grateful appreciation!

Blue&Orange says:

The way Larry Coryell shoes his head at the end of McLaughlin's solo 18:1218:20 tells you everything. Respect

The Dizz says:

RIP Larry Coryell

Tony Domingo says:

Virtuosos de la guitarra, una maravilla…lo que yo diera por tocar así…snif!

ipsurvivor says:

Rest In Peace Larry… Beautiful Music…

Cory Smith says:

Maestro Larry ♡

Kyle Haley says:

RIP Larry Coryell

perromanchado says:

R.I.P Larry! ♥

shredder says:

It is crazy you can't stop time from taking its toll on people. I remember this from 40 years ago on PBS. RIP Larry ! Go play with Paco and keep it going in a better place !

vikramjit banerjee says:

R.I.P Larry Coryell you will be missed,I just wish he had got a solo spot on this tune, loved the interplay between him and John,I just wish John had made his solo shorter and featured Larry a bit, just my 2 cents….

Joachim Stephan says:

Like this much more than with DiMeola…

Flemming Bülch says:

R.I.P Larry Coryell

Bill Higgins says:

RIP LARRY CORYELL. Say hello to Paco for us.

Miroslav The First says:

R.i.p Larry, u inspired me as well, say Hi to Paco, wherever u may be…and jammin´

Steven Swimmer says:

RIP, Larry Coryell.

zhaa82 says:

Nooooooooooo! Larry and Paco. Two stunning talents both gone.

ThePunkmar77 says:

Nothing like the masters, I only wish John hadn't used a lousy Ovation for so long..RIP Mr. Coryell..

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