Joe Farrell Quartet – Joe Farrell Quartet

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Joe Farrell Quartet is a jazz album by Joe Farrell that was released by CTI Records. It was recorded at the Van Gelder Studio on July 1 and 2, 1970. The album was re-released twice in the mid 1970s (with different cover art in each instance) as Super Session and Song of the Wind.

“Joe Farrell, known in the ’60s as a solid hard bop tenor saxophonist, branched out in the ’70s. On this near-classic album, Farrell switches between tenor, soprano, flute, and even oboe while being joined by a rather notable backup crew: keyboardist Chick Corea, guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Dave Holland, and drummer Jack DeJohnette. In addition to a famous version of McLaughlin’s “Follow Your Heart,” the material includes originals by Farrell and Corea, and the leader makes a strong impression on each of his horns.” – Scott Yanow/AllMusic.

Track listing:
Side one
“Follow Your Heart” (McLaughlin) – 6:50
“Collage for Polly” (Farrell) – 2:28
“Circle in the Square” (Farrell) – 7:11
Side two
“Molten Glass” (Farrell) – 5:15
“Alter Ego” (Farrell) – 1:23 (duet with Dave Holland)
“Song of the Wind” (Corea) – 5:57 (duet with Chick Corea)
“Motion” (Corea) – 5:13

Joe Farrell – tenor saxophone, flute, oboe
Chick Corea – piano
Dave Holland – double bass
Jack DeJohnette – drums
John McLaughlin – guitar (“Follow Your Heart” and “Motion” only)


Released: 1970
Recorded: July 1–2, 1970
Studio: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Length: 34:17
Label: CTI
Producer: Creed Taylor