John Coltrane – Om

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Om is a posthumously-released album by John Coltrane, recorded on October 1, 1965, one day after the recording of Live in Seattle, and one day prior to the recording of the music heard on A Love Supreme: Live in Seattle. The album, which features Coltrane’s quartet plus three additional players, consists of a single 29-minute work that was split into two parts when released on LP. Om was issued by Impulse! in 1968, and was also included on The Major Works of John Coltrane, a compilation CD released in 1992.

” It is an important work in the history of free jazz that opens up considerably by the end of its 29 minutes, revealing the expansive contents of a jazz master’s mind,”- Stacia Proefrock/AllMusic.

Track listing:
Side A
1. “Om, Part 1” 15:06
Side B
2. “Om, Part 2” 14:01

John Coltrane – tenor and soprano saxophone
Pharoah Sanders – tenor saxophone
Donald Rafael Garrett – double bass and clarinet
Joe Brazil – flute
McCoy Tyner – piano
Jimmy Garrison – bass
Elvin Jones – drums


Released: January 1968
Recorded: October 1, 1965
Camelot Sound Studios, Ballard, Seattle, Washington
Length: 29:07
Label: Impulse!
Producer Bob Thiele