John Coltrane – Expression (Full Album)

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Expression is an album by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. Apart from the title track, the rest of the album was recorded at about the same time as Interstellar Space. Expression was released in September 1967, after Coltrane’s unexpected death; this was the first posthumous release of a Coltrane recording.

” It’s remarkable that Expression is not some world-weary harbinger of death and sickness, but an endlessly jubilant affair. Even in what must have been a time of tremendous pain and darkness, Coltrane’s single-minded quest for understanding and transcendence took him to places of new exploration and light.” – Fred Thomas/AllMusic.

Track listing:
All tracks written by John Coltrane

1. “Ogunde” (March 7 1967) 3:38
2. “To Be” (February 15 1967) 16:22
3. “Offering” (March 7 1967) 8:27
4. “Expression” (Unknown) 10:53

John Coltrane – tenor saxophone, flute
Pharoah Sanders – flute, piccolo, tambourine (#2 only)
Alice Coltrane – piano
Jimmy Garrison – bass
Rashied Ali – drums


Released End of September 1967
Recorded February 15, 1967 & March 7, 1967
Studio: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Length: 39:20 original LP
Label: Impulse!
Producer: Bob Thiele