John Coltrane – I Love You (Remastered)

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I Love You” (Cole Porter) from the album “Lush Life“.

” … Coltrane doesn’t have to supplement the frequent redundancy inherent in pianists, so he has plenty of room to express himself through simple and ornate passages. Unifying the slippery syncopation and slightly Eastern feel of “I Love You” is the tenor’s prevalent capacity for flawless, if not downright inspired on-the-spot “head” arrangements that emerge singular and clear, never sounding preconceived. Even at an accelerated pace, the rhythm section ably prods the backbeat without interfering…” – Lindsay Planer/AllMusic.

John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Earl May – bass
Art Taylor – drums


Released: Mid January 1961
Recorded: August 16, 1957
Studio: Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack
Label: Prestige
PRLP 7188
Producer: Bob Weinstock