John Coltrane ‎– Last Performance At Newport July 2,1966

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John Coltrane Group, ‘Newport Jazz Festival’, Newport RI July 2, 1966.
Jack responds to a note that Fujioka had indicated that producer George Wein wanted to stop the band between numbers. Trane was the last act on the afternoon show. By the time the first song was over, it was about the usual ending time for the matinee. As Wein started out, as he would as mc, to thank Trane and announce the end of the show, the band started the second song. I doubt Trane even noticed him. I could see Wein standing off stage from my seat during “Welcome”, and I could sense his understandable anxiety. The logistics of the festival made getting the audience out so clean-up for the evening show could begin very important.

At the end of the second number, as he [Wein] started out again, the band immediately began the third song, and he went back off stage, even more nervous. I remember thinking how the responsibility of running a festival could keep one from enjoying the music as much as the audience. Any way, I just wanted to make things clear, as the Fujioka quote might be misconstrued as antagonism by Wein for the music itself or Trane defying the festival producer. It didn’t appear to me that either was the case (sure, Wein’s musical interests as a player and a fan were generally for older styles, but he definitely seemed to respect creativity of any era).

How do I remember the details of a concert from over thirty years ago? Well, it was the single most satisfying listening experience I ever had, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” – Jack Lefton

Track listing:
My Favorite Things (Rodgers-Hammerstein II)  0:00 – 21:57
Welcome Part 1 (John Coltrane) – 21:58 – 30:53
Welcome Part 2(John Coltrane) – 30:54 – 32:38
Leo (John Coltrane) – 32:39 – End

Jimmy Garrison – bass
Rashied Ali – drums
Alice Coltrane – piano
John Coltrane – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion
Pharoah Sanders – tenor saxophone, piccolo flute, percussion
Father Norman O’Connor – voice [announcer]


Label: FreeFactory ‎– 063
Format: CD
Released: June 5, 2009
Recorded: at Newport Jazz Festival