Jim Hall with Don Thompson and Terry Clarke – Fly Me To The Moon

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“Fly Me to the Moon” (Bart Howard).

Jim Hall — guitar
Don Thompson — bass
Terry Clarke — drums


기타쟁이 says:

jim hall, you're my master

Chema Saiz says:

I love you, Jim

Tony Calabro says:

Jim Hall = perfection….. LOVE it !!!

デリケア冬も says:

ジムホールは静かで 好きです。乾杯!

Chatchawal Warajat says:

Great Jazz.

Traveling man says:

Jim was swinging his ass off! RIP!

Rodney Buckle says:

Please !!!! someone find the rest of the session…fantastic improvisation!!!

fedoragibson says:

this is massive… thank you so much for sharing. please tell me where can i find more from this session? i still have the original vinyl recording but you say another 3 hours exist? WHERE?

Janice Briggs says:

Please, Jazz Masters…Where can I Access. ……CDs,DVDs ..

Janice Briggs says:

Ah! Yes Mr.Hall …You Are So On ….On Point…..On Cue……On Time……Forever…..Welcome to Love…..for such a Fine fine Ensemble….. A Trio Triage…..Well Done!!!! Bravo!!!!!

Kim Kondrashoff says:

Fly me to the moon…you took me there Jim!

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