Pat Metheny and Jim Hall – The Great Guitars (Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis)

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Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis – The Great Guitars (with Pat Metheny & Jim Hall. Season One, 2006 ep. 03)
– My Funny Valentine
– So May It Secretly Begin
– All The Things You Are
– Jam

The guitar episode features Jim Hall with Pat Metheny, and it’s probably the series at its best. The idea, generally, is to pair an older master with a younger figure. (Mr. Hall is 75, Mr. Metheny 51.) The mild-looking Mr. Hall is brave enough to utter actual thoughts: first he claims to harbor no nostalgia for the past, then he casually mentions that Ben Webster taught him how to breathe through the guitar like a saxophonist. And bang! comes the edit. (Jazz is so cerebral, you know. It scares people.) But both musicians’ performances are worth watching. There’s a sense of digging in, and Mr. Metheny brings his regular trio, with the bassist Christian McBride and the drummer Antonio Sanchez.