Glenn Miller – Moonlight Cocktail (1942)

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“Moonlight Cocktail” is a 1942 big band song recorded by Glenn Miller during World War II. The music was composed by Luckey Roberts with lyrics by Kim Gannon.

The song was originally recorded by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra on December 8, 1941, the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The song had its first public performance in January 1942 on WABC radio in New York City. The 78 rpm disc was released by Bluebird Records as #11401. Vocals were by Ray Eberle and The Modernaires. “Happy in Love” was on the B-side. It was the best-selling record in the United States for ten weeks, from February 28, 1942 to May 2, 1942, and was the number two record for that year after Bing Crosby’s White Christmas (Wikipedia).



Barry I. Grauman says:

Recorded the day we went to war with Japan- December 8, 1941.

Corporal Fledermäuschen says:

One of my favorite Love Songs 😀

george Cripe says:

Steve Allen said the modern music makers have taken the beauty out of music. So true. I especially enjoy the great saxaphone solo plus , of course, the great arrangement.

WarPaint 47 says:

What a voice!… Glenn Miller was way before my time but he was my Grampy's all time favorites. I grew up with this music… What a song!

joeygc1972 says:

Glenn Miller defined the big-band era. Simple as that! 

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