Glenn Miller – Starlit Hour

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Starlit Hour (Mitchell Parish-Peter DeRose) by Glenn Miller & his Orchestra, vocal by Ray Eberle.

The final (1940) edition of the “Earl Carroll’s Vanities” musical revue survived only 25 performances on Broadway. Though it boasted no major name stars, the show did feature this popular Mitchell Parish-Peter DeRose ballad that peaked at #2 on “Your Hit Parade.” Miller’s version remains the best-remembered.



spike 6060 says:

how did glenn miss the slurr at 1.04 he was a stickler for every note bein dead on

hipsterdoofus1026 says:

Mitchell Parish must have been really happy about his association with Glenn Miller.

Kirk Barkley says:

How do you possess all these goodies? keep 'em comin'!

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