Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra – Blue Moon

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Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra – Blue Moon (1935)

“Blue Moon”  (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers).




Vinícius Oliveira Cruz says:

0:08 sounds like sunshine of your love.

Drake says:

Can this be played by anybody on a YouTube video or is it still copyrighted, after all it is an original recording one would assume it's not copyrighted any more, any one ??????

MrRJDB1969 says:

Kenny Sargent doing the crooning ?

Hiu M. Chan says:

In your opinion, which is your favourite version of the song "Blue Moon" ? I have going through quite a lot, but yet to find the perfectly satisfied one. I am curious to know about your favourite.

kaija thom says:

who's the vocalist?

mikesb69 says:

………a relaxing song

vicious bloodbath says:

I'm sorry I called you meatloaf, jack. 

TheRAFfc says:

Yes I have pictures of it, It's in Toronto Ontario, many happy memories of Dancing there

flman01958 says:

Youtube also has tons of old radio shows.

flman01958 says:

My name is Glenn Gray. Every year in school when my new teacher first called my name they always added "and his Casa Loma Orchestra." Only recently did I see TV commercial for this group and finally understand. Girlfriend got me three of their CDs for Christmas and I love them. I also collect old radio shows.

fmazzar says:

Eddie was one of 4 boys born to Immigrant Italian parents..all fought in WW2 and Eddie was shot. As a boy he was teased for his shyness. He loved the neighborhood girls but they teased him too and he took to avoiding people. He worked in a plastic shop and devoted himself to his mom and big band records and Weird Tales ..he retired and became the guy who picked cans round town always carrying cassettes and pulp stories…he taught me about his era and thus I now love the things he did

Raúl Arturo Martínez Aponte says:

Hermosa interpretación y con muy buena calidad. Gracias por compartir tan buena música. Saludos desde México

Sten W Lundahl says:

One of the most sofisticated orchestras during the 30-s and 40-s I love it!

susu white says:

I am so sorry it took so long to respond…what instrument did your grandfather play?

phredl says:

Bassoon played by Art Ralston. Also played Oboe when called for.

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