Casa Loma Orchestra – All Of A Sudden

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“All Of A Sudden-May” (Woods).

The Casa Loma Orchestra was an American dance band active from 1927 to 1963. From 1929 until the rapid multiplication in the number of swing bands from 1935 on, the Casa Loma Orchestra was one of the top North American dance bands. With the decline of the big band business following the end of World War II, it disbanded in 1947. However, from 1957 to 1963, it re-emerged as a recording session band in Hollywood, made up of top-flight studio musicians under the direction of its most notable leader of the past, Glen Gray. The reconstituted band made a limited number appearances live and on television and recorded fifteen LP albums for Capitol Records before Gray died in 1963 (Wikipedia).


The Casa Loma Orchestra

Kenneth Sargent – vocals


Original U.S. issue on Brunswick 6318

Recorded in NYC May 10, 1932